The 2011 Sweden Study on Transgender Criminality is Flawed for More Reasons Than You’d Think

Articles have been written before about the 2011 study on transgender criminality¬†which seems to “prove” that transgender women are just as prone to sexual assault as cisgender men. One of the researchers, Dr. Ceclia Dhejene, has already responded to those claims and stated that the research actually shows that health care for transgender people has actually gotten better over time and that there was no causal link between “male criminality” and transgender women.

However, the article that contains that interview, while comprehensive and informative, ignores one major factor. The study itself only considered the variable of whether or not the transgender person had SRS as a measure of transition, which leads to a whole bunch of new variables.

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Burn Down The Closets and Those Who Keep Us in Them

So the rumors have already spread about how the Orlando shooter, whose name I have purposefully chosen to omit, was a regular at the Pulse bar and kept a profile on a gay dating app. His behavior was irregular and unstable. He mentioned to the other patrons that he had a wife and child. He drank heavily and was aggressive toward the other patrons. He was heavily closeted, and heavily homophobic.

The reactions to the news have been mixed and troubling. Many feel as if the community will suffer as a result, that this will lead to many people blaming the LGBT community for, what to them, seems to be our own issue. The idea that our identity is the product of mental illness or inherent sin has been perpetuated for generations to the point where, in many people’s minds, these two concepts are inexplicably intertwined. However, the truth is more complicated than that.

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A Short Post

I am very much afraid that the queer community will forget our collective past and let ourselves fall prey to the very things that generations before us have fought so hard to earn. I am scared when I see young trans people suffering. I feel way older than I am because of the things that I have seen. I will give up so much to make things better because the alternative is something I can’t live with. Don’t forget the past. Without it we can’t build our future. Continue reading A Short Post