Anti-Intellectualism and Personal Growth

Anti-intellectualism is a mentality that has spread virulently among the Republican right recently, although it is not exclusive to the right. We see evidence of this in regards to “outsider politics,” in which politicians claim that they are in fact more qualified than their opponents because of the fact that they are not politicians. The value of an outsider politician, or more generally, an “anti-intellectual,” is derived from a false sense of independence from outside influence. If someone is not educated from an outside source, they are not influenced by an outside source. However, the origin of all knowledge comes … Continue reading Anti-Intellectualism and Personal Growth

Ditching Anthropomorphization Made Me a Better Human

If you had to reduce me to a laundry list of personality traits, “good with animals” would be up somewhere near the top of that list. I love animals. I am one of those people that say that they like animals better than people. While I currently work as a private dog groomer, I have had experience with a wide range of domestic and exotic animals. Most people consider the ease with which I work with a wide range of animals a gift. Although I have been constantly surrounded by pets and wild animals since my childhood, I have only … Continue reading Ditching Anthropomorphization Made Me a Better Human