Trendsmap for Tracking Twitter Tags

Featured image is a screenshot of Trendsmap.

For those of you who want a resource for helping you track local trends, Trendsmap keeps track of all of the local trending Twitter tags. You can keep track of the Twitter tags for particular regions and sign up with a Twitter account.

It’s a free service with paid options and I feel as if it may be of use for some of you.

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A Short Opinion on “The Right to Privacy”

When you enter a public sphere, you give up your right to privacy. This is true regardless of whether or not this public sphere is virtual or physical – when you post speech on the internet, you do not have a right to anonymity.

You do not give up your right to personal safety. If you receive threats, or harassment, you have the right to object to them and respond accordingly. Those same people who send you threats are also giving up their right to privacy, as they are participating through public communication.

My first immediate thought as an example would be men who send lewd pictures and messages to others via through Instagram to models. Many are retaliating by doxxing (leaking information regarding the person’s actual identity) to girlfriends and family of those people. This is entirely legal, and there is no expectation of the right to privacy of these men.

I clearly wholeheartedly support this, but I wanted to know your opinion! Feel free to comment.

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