Teach Girls to Be Independent, Not Dependent on Men

In a cultural environment increasingly focused on aesthetics, where girls are told not to do things at the risk of damaging their real social capital – their looks – they are ultimately set up for dependency on men for the rest of their lives. ————– Growing up as a gender non-conforming girl is difficult, as you are constantly fighting societal expectations as to how a girl should act but how a girl should look. Boys are rarely chastised for putting themselves in dangerous situations the way that girls are, whether intentionally through participation in accident-prone leisure activities (sports, hobbies) or … Continue reading Teach Girls to Be Independent, Not Dependent on Men

John Locke’s Absolute/Arbitrary Power Dilemma

And thus, in the state of nature, one man comes by a power over another; but yet no absolute or arbitrary power, to use a criminal, when he has got him in his hands, according to the passionate heats, or boundless extravagancy of his own will; but only to retribute to him, so far as calm reason and conscience dictates, what is proportionate to his transgression, which is so much as may serve for reparation and restraint: for these two lawfully do harm to another, which is that we call punishment. John Locke, True End of Civil Government Considering that … Continue reading John Locke’s Absolute/Arbitrary Power Dilemma