Notes on Using a Simple Bot to Handpick Posts, Part 1

@thelinuxdemon made me a bot.

It does some simple things, mostly filtering for @hecklinghyena by tag and sending things to the drafts so that I can hand-curate each post. It definitely makes my life somewhat easier, in that I don’t have to look for things under tags in certain categories. It eliminates the need to hand-search each tag. It works slow, but after a period of time I end up with twenty or thirty posts in the drafts section (depending on the blog).

I’m trying to find a way to make it more effective. I’m thinking of having it add things to @cuteoverload, as “cute” is pretty non-subjective (I don’t have to worry about it adding things that are overly terrible or triggering and the retention rate will be pretty high for what it sends to drafts). So I set up a couple keywords, “cute” “puppy” and “kitty” and had the bot pull posts from these.

I think it will be nearly impossible to use a bot for social justice stuff because of the subjective and interconnected nature of how the tags work – you cannot just expect trans-positive stuff in the trans tag, for example.


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