A Three Step Guide on How to Enjoy Problematic Content

In light of Laverne Cox’s decision to play the role of Dr. Frank N Furter in a reboot of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Breastforce’s Yikes Count that she did of the original, I have decided to write a short guide for enjoying problematic content.

  1. Admit that the content you enjoy is problematic. Even if it may not seem problematic to you, try to understand where people are coming from. Don’t claim that your content is not problematic just because you’re a member of the community that is supposedly affects. Your status as a member of a marginalized group does not give you a pass to say that the content isn’t problematic to others.
  2. Work on removing the problematic elements from your content without ignoring them or making excuses for them. Write critiques and respond to other critiques, make people aware that what is going on is not okay, share information on social media. If this is an issue of fan-created content, tag things so that other people can be aware of them and avoid them if they so choose. If it’s the original content, try to not support the original release in ways that encourage the people behind that problematic content to create more content along the same vein.
  3. Realize that all content that you enjoy is probably problematic. Because of the nature of our society today, many things that the mainstream public have accepted as being “okay” actually serve to marginalize and “other” members of communities that do not have as large of an influence. You can still enjoy things despite them being problematic, but be an intelligent consumer. In the end, change begins with you.

4 thoughts on “A Three Step Guide on How to Enjoy Problematic Content

  1. Hey I agree, people should always be careful about the way they post certain things or how other people are going to perceive certain things. The mind of the people who support certain content should always be open to the fact that others in different communities will come to a different interpretation from their own background, which is why the content spoken about should written or spoken about in an unbiased manner, towards society


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